Shalhevet Town Hall: Sample Agenda Proposal


Brief Statement of Idea: Please state the proposal idea in a few brief sentences.


Ex: If teachers are over ten minutes late to a given class, the students will not be assigned homework for that night.



Research: Ask students around the school about their opinions. Use other schools as reference. 


Ex: All the students in the class want to vote on it, and a majority of the teachers have agreed to consider it.


Proposal: Create a detailed proposal. It is beneficial to list multiple solutions to the problem so that they can ALL be discussed during an Agenda Meeting and/or Town Hall.


Ex: If a teacher is more than ten minutes late to any given class that class will not have homework of any sorts from that teacher until the class next meets. Quizzes may not be given the class following the class period when the teacher came late. This will apply to all non-AP teachers throughout both semesters of the school year, unless revoked by a vote of the Just Community hereafter.